Escape to Mountain Lodge, a Hyatt Residence Club

             Greetings from Beaver Creek!  It is a beautiful day here and the board has been busy with meetings.  Items that we discussed included reviews of potential alternate investment options for our reserve funds, approval to make Berkshire Hathaway a preferred seller for Mountain Lodge, and board approval of carpet and wall treatment for our hallways that we will hope to install in late Spring.  As we all know, getting items and workers has been a challenge for all and we hope that we will be able to accommplish this goal.  Last year we kept dues flat and cut funds from other areas.  Despite that, it looks like we will finish the year only $781 over budget despite increased costs for housekeeping and covid mitigation and less occupancy!
             While the board met with the designer for the hallyway project, we investigated the option of replacing the couches, brown chair and dining table.  We are just beginning to have discussions, but know that this is on our agenda.   Reserve projects that were approved are painting the balconey railings, repairing and painting the wood siding, repair of the stucco EFIS, seal and painting of the wood deck, recoatinging the concrete balconey deck, and replacing heat tape.  We approved the budget that will be sent our with your 2022 assessment letter and ballots for elections of officers.  Juliana Ewer and Sean Kearns are up for re-election.  The 2021 Members Meeting will be Friday, October 29, 2021.
             In addition to the Mountain Lodge Board, three of us serve on the Villa Montane Board.  A large portion of our budget goes to Villa Montane Association as they are responsible for the front desk staff, daily breakfast during ski season, the pool, the garage and the workout room.  These are areas that we share with the townhomes and villas.  Barbara Watkins, Natalia Mazorra, and Ginny Erickson serve on this board.  I am happy to announce that our weekly owners meetings and lobby breakfast are set to resume late fall this year.  
           On a very sad note, Nedra Redden, has resigned her position as General Manager.  She has been a very integral part of our Beaver Creek experience and her contributions will be sorely missed.  She had become a part of our families, watched our children grow, met our friends and helped us through any challenges that we faced at Mountain Lodge.  With our Marriott partners, we have begun the process of searching for a new General Manager.  Nedra set a very high bar, it will be a challenge.